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Development of supply chains and procurement operations especially for medium size and small industrial companies

Last two years have generated major challenges for global supply chains which have been built over the last few decades. The pandemic, which was known to be a risk factor, messed up the well-functioning systems of international trade. The damage of the pandemic for the global trade had not yet been cleared when the Russian barbaric attack to Ukraine revealed the Western countries how big of a risk they had taken in their European energy approach and ain the supply chains of some other strategic raw materials by leaning to Russia

What next after these crazy years in global trade? Many companies around the world have been fighting for the raw materials and components they need and have seen freight schedules and budgets failing miserably.

Procurement organizations have been overloaded with work and everyone hopes for the situation to normalize, but will we return to the familiar global operating model? Will manufacturing still be outsourced to distant, lower-cost countries, where the political risk potential might even be greater than with Russia? Are we ready to take the risk of paying tariffs and punitive duties in the unpredictable political environment in the world? Will the semi-finished products be shipped from the other side of the world even when the energy transitions, climate targets and the consolidation of the sea freight business raise transportation costs to a new level? Are there cost-effective and high-quality supply sources maybe closer?

If you are also puzzled with these questions, please contact me and we will discuss the options for your company's supply chains and development needs for your procurement operations in the new business environment

Practical solutions for meeting today's challenges in Sourcing and Procurement

Sourcing and Procurement Coach. Pekka Heikkilä M.Sc Eng.

30 years experience in international business with global Finland based companies ( Exel, Neste Chemicals, Borealis, Huhtamäki, Outotec, Metso-Outotec).

My 10 + years in Sourcing and Procurement management in a technology company plus my previous experience in sourcing, sales, technical service and product development praovide me a solid base for coaching companies in the field of sourcing and procurement

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